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The Scientific School is open to students, undergraduates, graduates and professionals interested in a high level scientific programme focused in the relation between learning spaces and their implementation through virtual mechanisms and models. Topics regarding ICT and their relation with the physical space and energetic sustainability will be the core subjects of the School. The school will host 35 students maximum. Heterogeneity is encouraged also through the participation of local students. Backgrounds coming from IT, architecture and urban design, product design, pedagogy, science of materials and those dealing with energy issues (control, recovery and production) are welcomed. Agreements with the competent institutions will be defined in order to give the participants the corresponding credits, both in academic and professional terms. The participation corresponds to 3 ECTS for the DADU (Uniss) students.

The International Conference will be open to researchers and scholars in the field of architecture, urban space design, pedagogy, information technology and new technologies.


Applicants can fill out the online pre-registration at Applicants will pay the participation fee within 7 days from the registration notice issue. The receipt of the bank transfer has to be sent to in order to conclude the registration process.


Summer School and ILS_VR 17 Conference:

Senior 300 € (200 € for early registration)
Junior 120 € (80 € for early registration)

ILS VR_17 Conference


Senior 200 € (150 € for early registration)
Junior 100 € (50 € for early registration)

"Senior Applicants" are professionals and permanent employees in University, Research Institutes and Public administrations of any age. “Junior Applicants” are students and non-structured researchers from any Institution. The fee includes the registration, the participation and the use of the school equipment. Accommodation and meals are not provided but there will be agreements with local structures for affordable rooms and boards. The registration will be possible until exhaustion. Early registration applicants will have priority. If necessary, there will be selection based on the applicants curricula and motivational letters in order to evaluate the profiles inherence to the School contents. Fees are not refundable.


Registration has to be completed with the fee payment through bank transfer.
To: DADU Dipartimento di Architettura Design e Urbanistica Alghero
Reason: UA.A.2004 quota partecipazione Scientific School ILS_VR17
Banco di Sardegna
IBAN: IT96F0101517201000000013500

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